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Winvic - Manchester

Works completed:

  • Ledger angle on to the office building to add fixing points and support for the curtain walling – 620 linear meters, over 80 tons.
  • 2 Staircases with Kee klamp galvanized handrails to 4 stories in the multi-story car park.
  • 2 Staircases with Stainless steel handrails in the warehouse
  • 4 Staircases with Stainless steel handrails,3 stories high, each fitted in the office building.
  • 1 Mild steel feature staircase, 4 stories high, primed and installed in the core of the office building.
  • 400 Linear meters of galvanized angle 50x50x5 fitted to the edge of the multi-story car park.
  • 6 Aluminum durbar plates and 5 mm cover plates for the services.
  • 12 Risers, PFC frames with bracing and mild steel galvanized mesh in the office building.
  • 4 Risers, PFC frames with bracing and galvanized mesh in the warehouse.
  • 42 Linear meters of primed RSA 150 x 70 x 8, screed angle.
  • Mild steel galvanized ramp with handrails for the server room.
  • 2 Doc staircases mild steel galvanized with handrails.
  • 620 Linear meters of galvanized flashing in the offices building.

Project Details

Date Completed:

October, 2020



Type of works:

Secondary Steel, Protection, Access Platforms, Architectural Metalwork, Doors

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