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Design, Manufacture & Install Access Solutions

Wentworth Golf Course

A new HVAC system had been installed at Wentworth club house, this required a substantial amount of ducting on the roof and therefore left areas of the roof islanded off that required periodical maintenance. We provide 12 bespoke access ladders, step overs and platforms in total.

We spent 2 day on-site taking accurate measurements of the existing ducting and transferred that to our in-house Advanced Steel design suite, the design had to be sympathetic to the buildings heritage whilst being robust and to current legislation.

Firstly, our team created an accurate model of the whole roof, this encompassed all existing ducting, levels and access, we liaised with the HVAC contractor and the client to identify the areas that required access and then started to design the bespoke solutions, the team spent 3 weeks tapping away before they were happy with the final solutions, the original survey team then spent a further day on-site checking the designs with actual conditions.

Using our in-house fabricators, we manufactured all 12 solutions, this took 5 weeks start to finish. Items were batched into 4’s and sent for Galvanising prior to install.

Within 3 week our site team had installed all 12, this was in time for the British BMW PGA Championship that Wentworth was hosting.

Project Details

Date Completed:

March, 2018


Wentworth Golf Course

Type of works:

Design, Manufacture & install access solutions

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