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TSL Lidl
Peterborough Gateway


TSL Lidl - Peterborough Gateway, Peterborough

Works Completed:

11 Large speed table steels in the yard designed, fabricated and installed in the yard ready for concreting

125lm of Removable galvanised handrail and kick plate in the waste management area

340lm of galvanised skid plates fabricated and set in the concrete yard of the waste management area

Charger bay steels

Numerous trimmer steels on the high and low levels for different types of services

150m of Ammonia protection painted yellow in the plant room

2 Blastfreezer steelwork frames which we designed and installed along with stainless steel baffles, this had to be designed with the correct material to withstand the freezing temperatures. We also completed the cage work and swing gates around them.

Project Details

Date Completed:

May, 2020



Type of works:

Protection, Secondary Steel

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