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SMSTS qualification and its’ benefits

An experienced and well-trained site manager is always an important factor in maintaining the integration processes within an organisation and developing the services which support and improve the effectiveness of all the activities and workers.

A Site Manager is a person who is in charge of a construction site.

The site manager is in charge of the organisation and delivery of services on behalf of your business. He is responsible for ensuring that a construction project is completed on time and within the planned budget. This job title is also known as the construction manager, site project manager and site agent.

How does one become a site manager?

There are several ways of becoming a site manager. One way is to work your way up through the ranking in the firm. You may start as a junior and a trainee, or assisting to a more experienced site manager and gaining ascendance that way. This way is the perfect way to increase your understanding of supervising and managing a construction site.

Another route of building your way up to becoming a site manager is attending the relevant training courses. By attending these courses you will be able to gain the necessary knowledge and become more competent in the role. 

It is highly advised that you gain the basic qualifications that every relevant construction site manager should have like the First Aid at and SMSTS course.

The SMSTS card for better understanding of on-site managing

The SMSTS qualifications look up at the regulations and laws surrounding construction management practice. Thus, the SMSTS is much more dialled for certification for the job. The SMSTS qualification is tailored for new and already experienced managers who need to understand their responsibilities better when supervising a site.

The Site management safety training scheme (SMSTS) is an industry recognised certification providing evidence of health and safety compliance with all the relevant knowledge to meet today’s legislative demands in construction firms.

Once gained, SMSTS card helps site managers to manage health and safety rules on-site in accordance with current legal provisions. Developing an understanding of responsibilities and accountability for sites health, safety and welfare is a highly efficient economical and productive factor.

What does an SMSTS card provide for site managers?

The SMSTS qualification is crucial for the safety of the working environment in a number of industries. Facility managers who have these kinds of cards are able to Implement all health, safety, welfare and environmental legislations parameters to their work – which affects the long-term wellbeing of their workers and firm. 

There are many advantages and benefits that the site management safety training scheme will offer to your organisation. Here are some of the main ones.

1. Implementing new guidance and industry best practices in managing

The UK construction industry recognises the SMSTS certificate as a vital qualification. 

If you want to work in the industry as a site manager and be relevant, you need to obtain an SMSTS card. Someone with the SMSTS qualification is extremely valuable to a workforce because it is helping to reduce construction industry-related accidents and potential legal misleadings as a consequence.

2. It is designed especially for site managers

The SMSTS qualification was designed to enhance health and safety through legal practices, but it also points out that a potential site manager can become any site worker when tj+heir ambitions are properly realised and worked with.

The aim of the scheme is for participants to gain good working knowledge, awareness and understanding of their legal responsibilities within the construction site, equally as improving the knowledge about the working moral and social responsibilities regarding the on-site welfare.

3. Provides career benefits for both manager and company

The SMSTS card is a fundamental requirement that is well received in many job applications, and it also provides an excellent foundation for progression onto other courses and qualifications. 

Delegates who successfully gain a Site Managers Safety Training Scheme certificate would be a welcome addition to any construction company, increasing the worth and influence of their workplace.

The certificate has become the yardstick by which the construction industry is measured.

As the building industry has been inundated with new legislation in the latest years, the necessary requirement within the construction industry concerning supervisory or managerial roles must be able to show great competence regarding matters of on-site welfare.

The Site Managers Safety Training Scheme or SMSTS card is one of the most highly evaluated certificates within the construction industry, recognised throughout the United Kingdom as proof that the individual meets the required standard and competency to operate any construction site.

4. SMSTS card provides a reduction in work-related injuries

The time needed to find, evaluate and to employ people correctly for any position where they have to carry out specific tasks on a construction or installation site is enormous. Therefore, the last thing a company needs are work-related injuries due to misjudged employees, that can slow down construction progress or result in missed deadlines.

When a site manager is in possession of an SMSTS card it makes it possible to alleviate some of the work-related injuries. Reductions in this kind of injuries provide a business with a stronger financial position because the replacement of injured workmen can be very expensive and time-consuming.

Employers have an obligation to ensure the safety and welfare of all their employees and themselves and create a safe working environment.

Identify hidden risks by adopting the SMSTS knowledge to your workplace

One major part of the site management safety training scheme includes learning to conduct risk assessments with a thorough look at the workplace and determining what potential hazards could be present in the environment, equipment or work practices.

Once these risks have been identified, it is possible to create a safety policy that offers practical solutions for avoiding any risks. These are all the tasks one-site manager has to complete and an SMSTS card will provide it for him.

It is important to incorporate all that you have learned on SMSTS into your particular workplace. Your job is unique and it is up to you to look at its’ specific needs and determine what has to be done to keep your coworkers safe while on the job.

5. Become more productive and efficient

Some people would rather take the risk, cut corners and get the job done faster rather than employing safety procedures. However, in the long run, the productivity of those who have this attitude will only be negatively affected.

Bad safety practices and workplace accidents slow down productivity. When someone is injured, work has to cease until the employee is fully recovered or the adequate substitute is procured.

The SMSTS card can save your company’s money.

With the right safety procedures your company can save a lot of money so you should never cut corners when it comes to the safety of your employees. Here are a few examples of how the SMSTS qualification can save your company money:

  • Fewer employee absences – When you are properly managing the wellbeing of people around you it means they are much less likely to take absences from work due to illness or injury.
  • Fees and fines in the legal procedures – Workplace injuries are sometimes inevitable, but when it comes to being guilty of breaching safety laws, fees and fines you will have to pay for lawyers and penalties are much higher if you don’t have a certified SMSTS site manager.

SMSTS certificate needs refreshing in 5 years

One of the main reasons why your SMSTS qualification will need renewing is so that you can be updated on the frequent changes to the safety and work law regulations. 

You could be putting your staff at risk if you are not aware of the changes that have been made and you are still following the old ones.

MR industrials provide great knowledge in areas concerning safety, green construction and welfare at work to their managers through the SMSTS qualifications. Furthermore, it provides a great understanding of the numerous legal obligations that follow a site manager job in construction. 

The SMSTS certificate is also focused toward the law and the regulations, highlighting the practices that are outlined by the state and ensuring your managers are not breaching the law.