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Feature Staircase


Feature Staircase - Northampton

MR Industrial Services are pleased to share with you the completed works that we carried out recently in Northampton.

We designed, manufactured, and installed the following:

  • Feature powder coated sheet staircase
  • 12m 0.74Kn glass balustrade balcony
  • 6m stainless steel and wooden handrail


Well done to all the MR team involved with this project from design to fabrication & installation, especially Viorel Chioveanu, & the MR Installation team who were heavily involved with this project.

We look forward to working on similar projects like this in future!

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MR Team Involved: Viorel Chioveanu, MR Installation Team

Project Details

Date Completed:

December 2021

Type of works:

Feature Staircase, Balcony, Balustrade

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