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Lidl Regional Distribution Centre


Lidl Regional Distribution Centre, Motherwell

  • Cages
  • Bollards
  • Removable handrail to the waste management area
  • Stainless steel glass balustrade and handrail to x4 office staircases and atriums
  • Speed table steels in the yard
  • Skid plates in the waste management area
  • Armco
  • Concreting
  • Over 2000lm of concrete filled white wall protection and internal perimeter  
  • Concrete filled bollards
  • Door steels
  • Window steels
  • Wind post steels
  • Office steels for glazing
  • Charger bay steels  
  • Steel flashings
  • Graff barriers
  • Riser steels and mesh flooring
  • Pallet gates
  • Column protection
  • External large concrete steel bollards/splitters
  • Galvanised staircases
  • Internal dock door protection
  • White wall steel supports
  • Trimmer steels

Project Details

Date Completed:

January, 2020



Type of works:

Secondary Steel, Protection, Access Platforms, Architectural Metalwork

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