Health and Safety Services

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With our in-house NEBOSH UK qualified HSE advisor team, we are able to monitor health and safety risks and hazards in the workplace & onsite giving advice on how to minimise or ultimately avoid risks and hazards whilst ensuring the business is legally compliant with health and safety legislation. 

Our health and safety advisors can identify training needs and manage, monitor and improve the health and safety standards across the board. 

We can carry out a health and safety audit on-site for all of our projects ensuring that the highest H&S standards are adhered to.

Our Health and Safety consultancy services

Our health and safety services are tailored in a way that will fit your organizational requirements. Given the fact that accidents on construction sites can have disastrous consequences both for workers and employees, we emphasize the importance of ensuring the health and safety of workers in compliance with HSE construction requirements.

You can regard us as your health and safety consultants fit to perform onsite health and safety compliance audit both on our own manufacturing facilities, and on others, thanks to our team’s NEBOSH qualifications.

Construction Health and Safety consultants

We are dedicated to improving health and safety conditions on site, and assisting our clients in management of health and safety risks on projects and sites, at every stage of the project. Our goal is to ensure these are carried out and managed efficiently, in compliance with legal standards, for the sake of ultimate safe delivery of your project.

What do our Health and Safety services include?

As your health & safety consultants, our services help you create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment, and those services include:

  • Performing health and safety audits
  • Monitor health and safety risks and hazards
  • Providing advice on how to minimize and avoid risks and hazards
  • Identifying health and safety training needs
  • Monitoring and improving safety health and safety standards across the board

Our Health and Safety services objective

We are here to provide guidance on legal, technical, administrative and educational framework in construction, with an aim to prevent accidents and other harmful effects on health of the workers in construction industry. We are here to provide means of analysis from the point of health, safety and working conditions, within construction processes.

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