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Steel fabrication services

When it comes to mild or stainless steel fabrication, our fabrication department is fully equipped to manufacture any type of steel or aluminium fabrication. From large-scale construction projects to small residential architectural projects and everything in-between. Even though we work with 90% steel, there is no limitation when it comes to materials we manufacture, which is why we can offer custom fabrication services as well. M.R Industrial Services Fabrications Division are one of the UK’s leading experts in steelwork.

Our Fabrication Services:

Mild Steel Fabrication

When it comes to our all metal fabrication services, mild steel fabrication might be the most common. The reasons for that are simple – mild steel products are easy to fabricate, offer great temperature resistance, strength and possess an aesthetic appeal.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

There is a wide range of stainless steel fabrication services based on different techniques. Stainless steel fabrication is very versatile, however, it also comes with high strength and work hardening rates, but nevertheless – it is malleable enough to be bent, folded and welded.

Aluminium Fabrication Services

Aluminium is known as strong enough to replace steel, but also light enough to be used as a cooking foil as well. Today, aluminium alloys are used to create parts for everything from automobiles to construction materials, we shape aluminium for a variety of functions.

Steel items we manufacture:

  • Corporate Frame Buildings
  • Handrails & Balustrades
  • Staircases
  • Cat Ladders
  • Barriers & Impact Protection
  • Secure Caging
  • Bespoke Steel Work & Architectural Steel Work
  • Coded Welding

Our Process:

If you are a potential client and want to know more about the working process concerning our welding and fabrication services – here is how our process works – from inquiry to installation.

  • Our process starts with the inquiry we get from a customer, which is often followed up by a price inquiry
  • Depending on the service the customer wants, we provide them with the time phrase and a final confirmation regarding the beginning of work
  • After we confirmed that we can begin working on the project, we start the procurement of all the necessary materials
  • Fabrication of inquired items
  • Validation process
  • Final checkout
  • On site installation – by our installation team, or a separate one

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