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Winvic - DSV Mercia


Winvic - DSV Mercia, Leciestershire

MR industrial Services are pleased to share with you the completed works that we carried out for one of our key clients in Leicestershire.

We designed, manufactured and installed the following:

  • 2 x feature staircases
  • 1.5Kn stainless steel balustrade
  • 4 x Balconies
  • 4 x Atrium balustrade
  • Lounge area balustrade
  • 2 x Workshop benches
  • 2 x Workshop grated drainage
  • 2200Lm of 50mm aluminium skirting
  • 13 x Dock staircase
  • L shape dock staircase
  • Warehouse pod office steps
  • Cross dock office steps
  • 1250Lm of Galvanised angle (50x50x3)
  • 5 x Cat ladders (1x16m, 1x12m, 1×7.5m, 2x6m)
  • Galvanised handrail 350Lm
  • 3 x Scraping gates heel proof
  • 4 x Sky lights
  • 2 x cages

Well done to all the MR team involved with this project from design to fabrication & installation, especially Nick Chioveanu, Neil Markham & the MR Installation team who were heavily involved with this project.

We look forward to working on similar projects like this in future!

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MR Team Involved: Nick Chioveanu, Neil Markham, MR Installation Team  🔩

Project Details

Date Completed:

October, 2021



Type of works:

Secondary Steel, Architectural Steel, Balustrade, Feature Staircases

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