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10% Jump in Constructional Steel Volume

Volumes of construction steelwork are expected to continue to grow significantly this year and next, with expectations going past the 900t mark for the first time since the financial crash. Despite volatile prices for over 18 months, consumption of constructional steelwork in 2021 rebounded with a near 17% increase to 803,000 tonnes, according to the independent […]

Structural Steel costs increase by more than 70%

According to the latest figures from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The cost of structural steel has soared by more than 70 percent, while the average cost of construction materials has increased by almost 25 per cent on an annual basis. The latest data showed material prices for all work had […]

Advantages of steel frame construction you need to know of

Steel structure in the making

One of the long standing dilemmas in the construction world is concerning the method of steel frame construction and its’ effectiveness comparing to the other construction methods out there.  Steel framing is most commonly used for simple structures, such as warehouses, depositories, garages and other high rise building. The reason for it lies in its’ […]

How to choose between welding and metal fabrication

Working on welding metal

The modern world owes so much to contemporary infrastructure, but it’s fair to say that the majority of it isn’t familiar with the process of its creation, which is where we step in. Metal needs to be heavily processed and reconstituted prior to its use in any infrastructural project. Extreme amounts of heat, pressure and […]

Sustainable construction benefits and steel sustainability

Steal construction building

Construction industry as a whole is one of the biggest consumers of natural resources, which is why it has become an even bigger subject of debate due to climate change and the finite nature of resources construction industry depends on. This is where sustainable construction comes in and it has a few methods in mind: […]

Steel vs aluminum – comparison and main differences

Items for metal fabrication

Steel vs aluminum battle is not new – these two materials hold great importance, and not just in construction and manufacturing industries, but others as well.  They are among the most commonly used metals in general, as there is countless number of items manufactured from these metals. From metal frames in construction to airplane fuselages, […]

Ways to Improve procurement process in facility management

Building maintenance procurement

Facilities management procurement process is the integration of processes within an organisation, in charge of maintaining and developing the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities. As the marketplace evolves and higher budgets pressure the growth within facilities, managers reconsider their relationships with distributors, information and guidance of the various […]

SMSTS qualification and its’ benefits

Construction site magager

An experienced and well-trained site manager is always an important factor in maintaining the integration processes within an organisation and developing the services which support and improve the effectiveness of all the activities and workers. A Site Manager is a person who is in charge of a construction site. The site manager is in charge […]

Types of steel – the most common types used in construction

Steel construction for building

When it comes to construction, steel has an ability like no other material to change shape, but also to boast with potency and durability. One of the most preferred choices when it comes to construction are the structural steel types, as buildings require various structural frames in construction process.  Structural steel types are very resistant, […]

3D animation benefits in construction and how to put them to good use

Construction of a building

Have you ever thought of employing 3d animation design into your business? 3d animation advantages are numerous, but mainly, 3d animation has turned out to be quite useful when it comes to saving time and money, but also adding a serious appeal to every project you’re working on.  It goes without saying that the future […]