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Advantages of steel frame construction you need to know of

One of the long standing dilemmas in the construction world is concerning the method of steel frame construction and its’ effectiveness comparing to the other construction methods out there. 

Steel framing is most commonly used for simple structures, such as warehouses, depositories, garages and other high rise building. The reason for it lies in its’ strength, freedom of design and ease of maintenance, which is also why, over time, structural steel has also become one of the most attractive building options in construction in general. 

If you want to know more about the advantages of structural steel frame construction, be sure to read the text below and find out why is it such a reliable choice, but first, let’s elaborate on steel framing a bit more.

Steel frame construction method and what makes it reliable

Speaking about steel frame construction details, much like we stated above, steel framing was primarily used for large and simpler structures, like agriculture buildings, warehouses and skyscrapers. However, steel framing is being used more and more for other types of popular development, such as factories, offices, public and residential buildings. 

It has become prerequisite in every stage of the building process, from floor to roofing, for different projects, and there are more than a few reasons for it, but the most important one is the versatility of the core material – steel. 

Structural steel is easily fabricated off-site, something we’re often asked to provide in the scope of our services, not to mention it is just as easily transported to the construction site if needed, minimizing on-site efforts and reducing the effect of other environmental impacts, such as weather.

Workers and installation process

The principal advantages of steel framing in construction

Structural steel framing has several distinct advantages, especially when compared to wooden, brick or concrete construction, and here are some of the main advantages that will make you pick the structural steel framing method for your next project.

Steel is denser, stronger and more durable than other materials

In comparison with concrete products or wood, steel components are much stronger and durable, but also – lighter. This may sound surprising but, a typical steel fabrication is approximately 30% to 50% lighter than its wooden equivalent, which, at the same time, makes it a stronger and more durable alternative.

Steel structures are faster to build and easy to fabricate in different sizes

As projects are demanded to be finished in the shortest time frames possible, which at the same time possess a security nightmare, given the unsafe building practices such shortcutting must entail. 

But, all of that starts to matter less with the addition of steel. Structured steel parts are fabricated off-site most of the time, which makes them ready to install as soon as they are shipped out onto the site, ready to be erected. This speeds up even the most large scale projects, reduces labour cost at the same time, and cuts the element of human error.

Aside from that, fabrication of steel components is very quality-controlled, allowing for the parts to be assembled on-site, as well as for project managers to make sure that the size is correct, in accordance with the size of the project beforehand. 

Crowded airport with steel structure elements

Steel framing is cost effective on the long run

Utilization of steel will save you money.

By opting for steel frame construction, you can easily reduce the cost of your project. Structural steel requires much less maintenance, not to mention all the cost reduction you will obtain by cutting construction time and labour. 

Another important element to note when it comes to steel frame construction cost, due to high demand in the construction business, the prices of steel has become lower then they used to be, allowing you to add another expenditure less on the advantages-list of using steel framing. 

Steel is 100% eco-friendly material

One of the greatest advantages of a steel frame construction lies in the sheer fact they are entirely recyclable. Every steel structure can be completely recycled, making it one of the most sustainable materials in construction.

Structural steel frame construction is a perfect solution for keeping your project environmentally friendly, since any scrap produced can be used again, in another project, having in mind that steel is almost endlessly recyclable, and doesn’t lose any inherent properties (such as strength) in the process.

Steel frame construction is all-around resistant

Speaking about resistance, we really mean all-around. 

Thanks to its’ properties, structural steel is virtually indestructible when it comes to pest and insects, steel structure components are highly resistant to the degrading impacts certain species of mammals and insects can have, especially in comparison to wooden constructions that need special protection or a treatment.

When it comes to elements, steel framing has great moisture resistance properties, which is mostly dependant on the carbon content. In order to increase it, there are coating and extra powder treatments that can enhance rust resistance and transform steel components into even more immune segments, especially when it comes to weather.

Important note on the weather resistance note – a properly grounded steel frame construction will transfer the currents straight to the ground, should the lighting ever strike, thanks to steel being an excellent conductor of electricity.

Another great property of steel is its’ high resistance to fire, reducing fire risk to any building, as well as slowing down the flame, should it occur. As with everything, the fire properties of steel can be enhanced by using special special flame coatings.

The bottom line

The advantages of steel framing in construction are mainly dependant on two factors: the quality of the components used and the experience of the contractor, and in our case – we possess both. Since we are the first structural steel suppliers in the UK, we always strive to deliver quality above anything else.

By opting for our services, you are choosing a reliable partner, able to provide you with a durable and well-designed project from start to finish, whichever steel frame construction type it entails, making sustainable and sturdy at the same time.