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3D animation benefits in construction and how to put them to good use

Have you ever thought of employing 3d animation design into your business?

3d animation advantages are numerous, but mainly, 3d animation has turned out to be quite useful when it comes to saving time and money, but also adding a serious appeal to every project you’re working on. 

It goes without saying that the future of construction work just got brighter thanks to the usage of 3d animation, and in this text we’ll present all 3d animation benefits and advantages, and reason why you should consider using them.

1. 3D animation design provides realistic visualization

One of the most obvious 3d animation benefits is the ability to show the rich, three-dimensional world, and that way cross the boundary between reality and imagination. 

The construction work faces an enormous challenge on everyday basis – keeping everybody on the same page regarding the structure that is yet to be created. By turning 2D drawings into reality, 3d animation and visualization is just the tool that helps clients get the realistic view of the project. 

Realistic 3d animation, visualization and graphics all help when designing a thorough reconstruction of the project, in a manner it would appear in real life. 

This is also what a 3D walkthrough animation is for – with it, clients can take a virtual tour of the structure before the actual construction, while everyone else involved can get a seamless understanding of the overall appearance of the construction – any critical areas, landscapes, textures, floors, elevations and more. 3d animation construction allows for identifying any flaws and it’s invaluable for it.

2. It is cost-efficient and reduces future re-modeling and corrections

Whenever a property is constructed, 3D animation plays one of the most important roles in the process. It employs efficient technicians who can identify any flaws present in the structural aspects of the project, which in turn saves expenses and prevents future demolition of any building parts. 

3D animation allows to easily spot any loopholes or errors in design, right from its’ initial phase. Any errors can be addressed and fixed immediately, or provided with a suitable alternative, therefore ensuring minimal post-construction costs.

Among the stunning 3D animation benefits is the ability to add or alter landscape to your liking, remove or change the colour or texture of the floor, modify lighting or furniture (if there is any), or come up with any decor choices you want that’ll benefit the project, and all of that before buying any of the actual materials or other decor elements.

3. 3D animation is also a powerful marketing tool

3D construction animation bears a lot of importance in the marketing industry, and therein lies another one of its’ crucial benefits.

It can be used in advertising purposes in various different platforms, such as billboards and hoardings that showcase the well-defined pictures of future properties (offices, buildings, shopping centers etc.). 3D animation helps in increasing the visual appeal and conquering the market.

The reason 3D construction animation is so effective when it comes to marketing, is because it is so interactive and deemed as captivating by potential clients. 3D models create a deep and lasting impact in the minds of the clients, all of which increases chances of winning over customers. 

Aside from being extremely useful when it comes to marketing, 3D construction animation enables easier project adjustments and how would small changes look like in reality.

4. It allows for precise dimension input and prevents mistakes

With the ability to apply accurate measurements, 3D construction animation makes designs more vivid, at the same time enabling views from different angles – all of which allows for a realistic experience before even laying the foundation. 

This way clients can also use a 3D animation tool and arrange objects based on their size and available space, without fearing the proportion won’t correspond with the real life distance between objects and items.

5. 3D construction animation offers maximum coordination

Unlike 2D designs which need clear and precise instructions on how to obtain design information, 3D design offers minimal information loss thanks to 3D models, visuals and graphics which provide all the necessary clarity for the construction process. 

Thanks to this kind of 3D animation benefits, it also for more close coordination between the various disciplines that are also involved in the process. 

6. It becomes much easier to get government approval

The “uncertainty” element is often the one to blame when we’re referring to majority of rejected projects, in terms of their appearance and development. 

3D animation tackles this issue by providing an accurate and realistic model that reduces the “vulnerability” factor, and automatically increases the chances to obtain government approval.

Overall enhancement with 3D construction animation

Now that we’ve covered all individual 3D animation benefits, it is time to address the overall enhanced understanding this kind of technology provides.

Aside from enhanced understanding of the projects themselves, 3D construction animation offers ensured enhanced global communication too. Thanks to online communication technology such as Skype, Whatsapp or Viber, video conferencing now lets you to conduct meeting wherever you are.

Thanks to this fact, you can really put 3D animation to good use and present your clients with one of the most staggering advantages of computer animation – 3D. In this day and age it has become imperative for designers, contractors and investors to adopt new and advanced tools, so it is no wonder it also happened in the construction industry. 

The advantages of 3D animation lie in the simple fact that it can empower your clients and customers, providing them with experiences such as 3D architectural walkthrough and VR interaction where they can feel space, volume and design before it is even constructed.

As you’ve probably gathered, the advantages are many, and the usage of visualization and animation to boost up functioning and presenting of your construction projects has really become sought after. 
Accessing all the benefits of 3D animation in construction definition ensures progress and improvement in terms of better understanding and delivering high-quality products, which is something M.R Industrial Services offers within our design service.